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House Cleaning Tips From Home Clean Home

Tired of house cleaning and seeing no end in sight to the ever-increasing list of tasks to take care of? These home cleaning tips from professional cleaners in Auckland can help you drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on house cleaning, while making it more cost effective and eco-friendly as well. Save your energy and time on home cleaning from now on. Do it the way professional cleaners do and never look back!

In Auckland, weather conditions are often sunny and humid most of the year and wet during the winter months. The weather conditions in your place will have a direct effect on how often you have to clean and how to clean. Home cleaning is a job that you have to stick at permanently, but hopefully with these tips from professional cleaners, you don’t have to feel like you are in a losing battle ever again!


  • Splashing bathroom tiles and tub and toilet bowls or letting the tub soak in some boiling hot water for a few minutes makes it easier to clean and scrub off the gunk.
  • Leave disinfectants and cleaners on the surface to be cleaned for at least 5 minutes before cleaning. This doubles their effectiveness.
  • Organise whatever supplies and tools you need for specific jobs into separate baskets or trays and keep them labelled. So you don’t need to waste time looking for cleaning solutions and tools when you need them. Have separate baskets for separate bathrooms, which make it easier to clean. It is a good idea to also keep your kitchen, bathroom and living area rags and cloths separate to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Keep your house stocked with these four basic cleaning solutions which can multi-task for almost any cleaning task:
    1. An abrasive cleanser in powder form, something like 30 Seconds Water Spot Remover works well on a variety of surfaces.
    2. Multi-purpose cleaner. For our eco-friendly choice we use ECO-STORE products, otherwise your standard Mr. Muscle will do the trick.
    3. Glass & Surface cleaner. This is to leave your windows, mirrors, surfaces and chrome completely streak free!
    4. Degreasing cleanser that is heavy duty. This is not necessary in most situations, however occasionally for the really tough grease in the oven or stove-hood it can very useful.
  • Try alternating hands when cleaning for a number of reasons. Doing so makes you less tired, more efficient, and faster at finishing your house cleaning.
  • Delegate tasks to your family members. Even children as young as four or five can be shown how to do simple tasks and they enjoy it too!
  • Start cleaning from top and work your way to the bottom. So this means you would start cleaning out the cobwebs from the ceiling, then dust the mirrors, paintings, windows, etc., and lastly clean the floor. Similarly, cleaning a room from the back and coming to the front ensures that you are not stepping over anything as you clean. Also, finish all the cleaning in one room and then only step onto the next room.
  • Always wipe surfaces dry, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, which can help prevent bacteria from growing in water that is remaining. It also prevents people from slipping, and leaving any streaks.
  • After you finish your cleaning, keep all supplies back in their place so you are ready to start without any delay next time.


Hope you enjoy the tips and they help you in your future cleans so you can enjoy a cleaner, happier home.


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