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Where are the germs in your home?

Germs are your number one enemy in the home! Seeking out the germs in your home and getting rid of them can get your home deep down clean. A tidy home is great but a germ free home is even better. Home Clean Home Professional cleaning in Auckland offers a few tips to help you find where most of the germs are hanging out in the house.

House cleaning may not be enough to get your home germ free unless you are using the right cleansers. It may surprise you to find that you do not need to use a harsh cleansers to get rid of those illness causing germs. You can just use hot soapy water!

Let’s Find Your Germs:

Professional cleaners know where those germs are hiding and have suggested that you may be surprised to find where they are! Most people expect that the bathroom is germy but they are surprised to find that germs are living large in the sponges in their home. Kitchen sponges can be a breeding ground for some nasty microbes and bacteria. You can get rid of the germs festering in your sponge by tossing it in the dishwasher, one quick spin and it can be as good as brand new!

Have you considered how many people touch the door knobs in your home? When cleaning your house, you should include swiping off the door knobs to reduce the number of germs in your home.

Taps are also a must clean when you are trying to reduce the number of bacteria in your home. Clean the handles on your fridge as well. Consider any area where you and others touch regularly as a potential hot spot for germs.

The Bathroom and Bedrooms:

Of course the bathroom is germy. Sinks, toilets, showers, baths all need a good scrubbing regularly and a quick spray down daily to keep germs at bay. Sheets and bedding should be washed and changed at least once a week.While you are at it you want to vacuum your mattress because dust mites can try hide in your mattress.

A little elbow grease and attention can go a long way to get your home deep down clean and germ free.

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